SEO Penalties for Aviation Websites

Avoid SEO Penalties by working with real SEO Experts

SEO Penalties are penalties applied to your website by a search engine due to not following the search engine’s guidelines. Search engines like Google penalize websites for not abiding by their standards, because Google is ultimately looking for the best overall user experience possible. Keeping up with search engine policies and changes can be a difficult task for any business owner.

SEO PenaltiesHere at AIRbase One, we have made it a bit easier for you and our clients by telling you what can be harmful to your website’s reputation and its rankings. If your business is having trouble getting its website ranked, if you are noticing a drastic drop in your rankings, or you can’t get your site indexed; there’s a chance your site may be experiencing the fallout from a penalty. For more information and how you can remedy these SEO issues, give us a call today at 872-221-4686.

Avoiding SEO Penalties

There are surprisingly a lot of things that can garner your business SEO penalties. Google, especially, likes robust and useful content. Google will treat websites with shallow or thin content in the same way they handle spamming websites. Cloaking or the bait and switch is another great way to get penalized.

One of the more commonly seen scenarios in SEO penalties is keyword stuffing. This can be due to lack of SEO experience or a previous spamming technique. It is where the webpage and site is overwhelmed with the keywords they are trying to rank for. It’s also a big DON’T in Google standards so stay away from companies pushing tactics like this.

Being Proactive to Avoid SEO Penalties

The best way to avoid a penalty is to adopt a proactive approach to your digital marketing and SEO strategies. Continual monitoring and paying attention to your analytics will help notify you of a change to the search engine guidelines and having a strong SEO strategy in place will help make corrections and adjustments minimal.

If your website is experiencing drastic drops in traffic, especially for direct search (your company’s name), then there is a good chance you’ve been penalized. Give us a call today at 872-221-4686 and our SEO experts can help assess what may be wrong and what your next steps should be.

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